Working at Criterion Asia Recruitment : Recruitment Manager Interview

Khun Niramon Deepradit is a key expert recruiter at Criterion Asia Recruitment, and she works as recruitment manager. We recently sat down with Khun Niramon to hear her thoughts about the Criterion company culture, and to find out why she believes that Criterion Asia Recruitment is such a great place to work.

Khun Niramon, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. Can you begin by sharing your job responsibilities with us?

Sure, it’s a pleasure to be able to talk a little bit today about Criterion Asia and help others understand more about our organization. As a Recruitment Manager, I am the primary contact for both clients and candidates. Clients of Criterion are businesses that are looking for expertise to fill open job positions and candidates are the people that Criterion Asia finds to fill those roles. Because of my experience, I specialize in supporting roles in Human Resources, where I help companies match job position to the right people with skills, experience and the attitude needed to thrive.

How did you start to work at Criterion?

I have a long history of recruitment expertise. As mentioned, I’m an HR specialist with more than 15 years of work experience. There were several factors that helped me decide to work at Criterion, but the most important one was because of the clear vision of the management team.

Criterion was founded on the idea that soft skills in the workplace are becoming more and more important as time goes on. It’s not enough to hire employees because they check off a list of skills required – a computer might be able to hire people if that was true. As a result of this belief, we select and screen candidates based on their ability to fit in as a team player. This same philosophy is applied in our own hiring for consultants internally at Criterion Asia Recruitment. The organizational culture, the colleagues, and the work environment are all special here and those were important factors in my decision.

Aside from interviewing with the Managing Director, I also interviewed with my other potential colleagues. I think it’s important to get to know a company and understand its values and the perspectives of the others that I would be working with before deciding to accept a position.

How do you feel about the working environment at Criterion Asia Recruitment?

The work environment is one of the key competitive advantages of this company. In addition to working with great colleagues and a supportive management team, the culture here also allows us to share our experience in order to improve us all. We are all very respectful of different perspectives and this allows us to develop together effectively. I value the fact that our firm is mostly made up of senior consultants with expertise, so they understand their responsibilities quickly and the ease of collaborating with other professionals allows me to learn and work to my full potential.

What suggestions do you have for people who want to work as a recruitment consultant?

Many people believe that they need to have a specific educational background to succeed in executive recruitment. In my experience, however, the type of degree someone has is not nearly as important as having passion, discipline and the willingness to learn new things quickly. 

The type of person who is able to ask themselves “How do I get the job done?” or “How do we make this process more efficient?” will always do well in this environment.

Since our team here is made up of experienced colleagues, we can all work to use our connections and relationships in order to be effective for our clients.  The Criterion Asia Recruitment management is supportively working for the team, rather than being overly critical and supervising every small detail.

I believe that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. One of the special things about Criterion Asia is that we believe in quality and have hired consultants with experience and expertise. We aim to increase quality and maintain high standards.

For senior positions, and someone who has expertise (people who have at least 5 years of experience and who are ready to lead projects and teams), we only need to clarify our organization’s culture; this ensures that we have an effective work environment and that we can work together to achieve our goals together.

When we hire a junior consultant (someone with one or two years of work experience), they will begin with training and mentorship by working in parallel with one or more senior consultants. This ensures that even those who don’t come from a recruitment background have the opportunity to gain experience and grow while learning about the world-class standards that Criterion Asia has set for their performance.

That sounds great. Do you have any final words of advice?

The only other thing is that if you want to work in a dynamic and supportive environment you should absolutely come to talk with us about joining the Criterion Asia Recruitment team.

If you are a dynamic and driven individual and want to work in a results-oriented environment with other professionals, don’t hesitate and send us your up-to-date CV at Otherwise, you should submit your profile to us at