Employer Branding Service

What is Employer Branding?

First, let’s define employer brand: it is a company’s reputation as a place to work. In other words, employer brand is how people perceive the company’s values and work environment.

Employer branding is a communication strategy that brings together all the branding and communication elements intended to enhance the value of belonging to a company. It helps attract, retain, and engage its employees by presenting an attractive image of the company as an employer and its values as an organization. This strategy is based on several elements, such as the corporate culture, values, benefits, working conditions or career opportunities. 

Why choose Criterion Asia?

Our team have extensive experience and expertise in conducting employment process. We understand candidates desire and expectations, so we deliver a high level of support for their recruitment activities. We work closely with the client to understand their needs, then use this information to create a unique brand identity, suitable for posting on social media sites such as LinkedIn. In 2021, Criterion Asia has received LinkedIn Search and Staffing Talent Engagement Awards as we partnered and utilized LinkedIn solutions to engage, connect and nurture talent in a meaningful way.

The Concept

Understanding is the key stage to get a clear picture of what clients’ challenges and goals are because each of clients have different and specific needs.

After we understand what clients need then we start to research and study the client’s company and employees to get the insight information.

Once we get insight information of client company, we will recommend the best solutions to the clients.

Final stage, we will have discussion with client to see if the solutions we select well match with their expectation. We are open to suggestions and able to adjust the plan to achieve the client goal before conducting the actual plan in order to achieve the right goal.

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