Why You Need To Be Hiring New Staff RIGHT NOW

There is no question that right now there is an enormous amount of uncertainty in the business world. COVID-19 has forced companies everywhere to revisit their plans and some of the best strategies have had to be thrown out the window.

As Rahm Emanuel famously said – “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Please read on to learn why every company should be looking aggressively RIGHT NOW to hire top quality candidates.

Normally the fourth quarter is a slow month for recruitment for several reasons (its a little more difficult to get staff because many are waiting for bonuses, budgets have not always been set for the coming year, a lot of work slows down over the New Year, etc.).

This year we believe that the smart companies should be looking aggressively for staff now because of a few unique things about the current market:

1) The best staff are usually looked after very well by their company. It is difficult to get them to move as a result. The main way that someone can be convinced to move to a new company is if they have any doubt about their current company’s future. Due to covid there is a lot of fear about people’s security in their company, meaning that they are receptive to good offers.

2) Related to number 1: if a staff member sees that their company is hiring, it signals to them that things are safe. This means that top performers will know that they can have the confidence to stay with you. What this means is that not only can you get top staff from other companies, but your top staff is more likely to stick with you.

3) If companies wait until the situation normalizes, everyone is going to be looking for staff and we expect the labor market to get very tight, very quickly. We have seen this already in other places, particularly the United States. This means that waiting to make new hires could be very expensive or take much more time than you would otherwise expect.

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