Why Do You Need Headhunters Help You Find a Right Candidate?

Are you familiar with the idea of a corporate headhunter? At first, it may seem like engaging an executive recruitment firm or a headhunter is an unnecessary expense, but the truth is that an expert firm like Criterion Asia Recruitment can add a tremendous amount of value to your company and the expense can quickly pay for itself. 

A headhunter is like a middleman between a hiring manager and candidates. There are several reasons that the value a company like Criterion Asia Recruitment brings to headhunting and executive recruitment which more than makes up for the expense. 

To begin with, the highest quality talent simply isn’t usually looking for a new position. If your recruitment efforts are using job boards, LinkedIn or regular agencies, you’re missing out on the majority of high-quality candidates that just aren’t in those places actively looking for work. If you want to hire the sort of candidates that are comfortable where they are because their current employer recognizes their value, you need a Criterion Asia headhunter. 

The recruitment consultants at Criterion Asia Recruitment are experts in the field that they search for candidates in. Just as your company likely specializes in a field or area of expertise, our consultants have developed deep experience for the specific skill of hiring for your staffing needs. This expertise allows the Criterion Asia Recruitment talent search to uncover more of the hidden talent in specific market verticals that might not otherwise be discovered. 

In addition, working with a recruitment agency or headhunting firm dramatically reduces the chances of hiring the wrong person by mistake. A bad hire can be costly, sometimes even disastrous for many kinds of businesses, from the smallest ones to those who are hiring for executive level or senior positions. An experienced headhunter will often see warning signs or potential pitfalls about a prospective hire before it’s too late. (This is closely related to the point above about our consultants being highly experienced in specific industry verticals). 

Even if you identify a great candidate, something often overlooked by those in the hiring process is the fact that there is a certain amount of expertise required to persuade high performing candidates who were not looking for a career change to explore new roles and opportunities. Our expert recruitment consultants are well versed in the tools of the trade in order to make the process smooth and efficient for everyone involved. 

When time is money, an industry-expert headhunter or recruitment consultant can make all the difference in reducing the time-to-hire. There is a good chance that the perfect candidate for your organization is known to our consultants already and this makes it easier, faster, and ultimately less expensive for you to get back to business. Further, when you consider the costs of advertising and marketing a position, assigning staff to the interview process and the likelihood of a bad hire/ quick turnover of incompatible staff, the services of a recruitment agency can save you a small fortune. 

Often overlooked in the calculus of engaging a recruitment agency is the hidden benefit of market intelligence, including updates about hiring trends, compensation benchmarks and shifts in the labor market (including labor law). A close working relationship with a reputable recruitment agency can also help protect your firm from being targeted by other competing firms in your space. 

The smartest firms often monitor and track hiring patterns of their competitors. Of course, Criterion Asia can support you in this, but even more importantly, we can protect your most sensitive information with a confidential search. A confidential search by Criterion Asia Recruitment allows you to keep a candidate’s involvement in the hiring process a secret from their current employer, keeps a vacancy in your organization hidden from your competitors and also allows you to hire for positions that may be politically awkward to hire for with your internal human resources department. 

Finally, the most valuable thing a recruitment company can offer is support in building you a happier team that will reduce turnover and ensure that staff stay with you longer than they do with your competitors. It is common sense to recognize that passive staff hires are more likely to stay with your company long term. This has beneficial knock-on effects on productivity and staff morale within your organization. All of this adds up to a return on your investment and more profit to the bottom line. 

Criterion Asia Recruitment is a leading Thailand-based headhunting firm with 15 years of executive recruitment experience in Thailand and Southeast Asia. We specialize in agriculture (“farm to fork”), accounting & finance, and technical roles across industries. The positions we hire for include sales, marketing, engineering, management and all senior executive roles. As Bangkok’s leading executive recruitment agency, we have particular expertise in sourcing the best candidates to meet your hiring needs. 

For more information about how executive headhunting agency Criterion Asia Recruitment can support you to improve your hiring process with a positive return on investment, contact us today.