The importance of awareness towards office syndrome

Many people who spend most of their time working in the office can have risk of getting office syndrome, the common symptoms are headache, shoulder pain, neck pain, infected wrist, and blurred vision.

This counted as Myofascial Pain Syndrome, ache and numb feelings may appear on certain parts of our body muscles which our nerves suffer from. Long hours of working on a laptop can surely be one of the biggest causes.

Tips on how to prevent the office syndrome.

1. You should not be seated for 2 hours straight without changing gestures.
Your muscles need to be relaxed and stretched every 20 minutes. Try to have little breaks for some movements time to times.

2. You should be seated in the right position.
Your laptop screen should perfectly meet your eye’s level in order for you to sit straight. And your seat should be at appropriate height.

3. Let your eyes rest every 10 minutes.
Staring at screens for a long time can weaken your eye sight and leads to eyestrain or tiredness and inflammatory on the ocular muscle. This can certainly be a long term problem.

These are the simple ways that anyone can do regularly. However, if you feel that these pain affect your daily life, don’t hesitate to go consult with the doctor immediately.