Thailand Talent Markets: the reality of recruiting engineers

Engineering jobs are in demand right now. In Thailand, there are dozens of new engineering job openings every day, and employers are eager to hire top talent. But how hard is it to fill these roles? Are Thailand’s engineering applicants qualified enough to satisfy the demand? What challenges do hiring managers face when recruiting?

With over 60 years of combined experience in engineering, our team of consultants have an in depth understanding of Thailand’s market and engineering talent pool. And whether you’re a candidate or a hiring manager, our unique insights can help you broaden your marketability or find your next engineering employee.

What jobs are trending in Thailand’s engineering field?
Logistical infrastructure and transport are two of the most popular types of engineering jobs in Thailand right now. With Bangkok’s BTS in a constant state of expansion and a new high speed rail system in the works, a surplus of structural engineers are in demand. But whether you’re searching for a structural engineer, a computer engineer or a mechanical engineer, there are a few obstacles many hiring managers face.

Two challenges for hiring managers looking to recruit engineers
While it may not come as a surprise, the first obstacle many hiring managers encounter involves language: English is not the strong suit of Thailand’s engineering talent. In an increasingly westernized country home to a growing expat population, this can be a problem for engineers who need to work with foreign customers and colleagues.

The second challenge Thailand hiring managers face is somewhat related to the first: engineers’ skills are typically too one – dimensional. In addition to speaking some English, engineers are expected to be well-rounded, articulate, and able to make a sale. In other words, interpersonal skills are highly valuable in an engineering role. But hard skills are also important to hiring managers. An applicant with experience in multiple types of engineering – such as automation, mechanical or electrical – have a better chance of meeting an employer’s needs. How can hiring managers overcome these challenges? Is there any way to attract a well-rounded engineer that can speak English?

The secret to receiving a flood of engineering applicants
In the world of engineering, more applicants to choose from is almost always better. With a surplus of CV’s in your inbox, you multiply your chances of finding a versatile engineer who can fulfill your job requirements. But what can you do to unleash the floodgates?

There is one tactic we’ve seen produce a huge amount of applicants again and again. What is it? Simply list that the role is regional in the job description. From our experience, we’ve seen that any opening that involves work in multiple Asian countries, in addition to Thailand, has a higher applicant rate. Of course, if the job isn’t regional, we do not recommend falsifying information and saying it is. However, if the job provides a chance to be promoted and grow into a regional role, mention it. You will surely see more applicants than normal.

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