How to improve the Recruiter – Hiring Manager Relationship

When a company hires a new employee, the stakes are high. A bad hire can cost a company millions of baht. And in Thailand, where candidates are easily swayed by a higher base salary, finding genuine candidates is of prime importance. How can hiring managers find diamonds in the rough?

One way is to establish an open, honest relationship with your recruiter. How can you do that? Here are some suggestions. 

Build rapport
If you’ve worked with recruiters before, this may sound easier said than done. Recruiter-hiring manager relationships can become tense quickly as miscommunications lead to frustration and blame. To establish rapport, we recommend having a discussion about the new hire’s role. Start with questions about why there is an opening. Does the company need more staff to grow? Will the new hire be replacing an employee who quit? Is the position a new role? The answers to these questions can be used to develop the job description, screen applicants, and create a foundation for your candidate goals. 

Set expectations
To ensure a smooth working relationship between the recruiter and hiring manager, setting expectations is essential. Both parties should agree on the qualifications the proposed salary can command. If there’s disagreement between what the hiring manager expects for a salary and what the recruiter believes is possible, research data to see what the going rate is for specific qualifications. Tools like Salesforce’s Job Science or LinkedIn’s Talent Insights can provide a clear picture of what qualifications can be expected at your proposed salary. If the salary cannot provide all the qualifications, work with each other to determine which qualifications are necessary and which are expendable. 

Communicate often
If the first few candidates a recruiter sends you are off target, get in touch with him or her to clarify your objectives; this will give the recruiter a chance to adjust accordingly. If the recruiter’s vision and yours are very mismatched, consider having a meeting to clarify the most important qualifications for the role. 

Ask for help 
Don’t be afraid to ask your recruiter for sample interview questions, feedback on interview techniques or about how to communicate most effectively with candidates. Recruiters are there to help you. They can make your job easier and provide valuable consultation on how to identify the right hire. 

Building a positive relationship with your recruiter will only pay dividends in the long run. With a strong rapport, you’ll be able to better target the right candidates and improve your success rates for new hires. At Criterion, our recruiters not only help you find the perfect candidate, but also provide consultation. Most importantly, our recruiters prioritize their relationship with hiring managers. We share the same goal as you: to find the best candidate for your company’s long term growth. To learn more how we can help you find the right candidate, contact us today.