How to cope when working with people of different generations

Teamwork skill is considered as something to seriously look into. However, it can be difficult at times when it comes to generation gap among co-workers.

Age can highly have an impact on behavior, opinions and beliefs etc. which can lead to different ways that we work with others. What generation do your age fit in? B, X, Y or Z? and what are the obstacles have you faced working with people in different stages of age?

Employees in many organizations are at different ages. According to that fact it can have both positive outcome and also consequences. For instant, varieties of age can offer more ideas to the organization but, on the other hand it can create conflicts between employees.

Here we have a list of things on what to apply on your teamwork skills when dealing with co-workers of different generations.

1. Be open-minded and accepting
Something about “differences” is that they do not always have to be labeled as right or wrong. A lot of times they really are just different. To admit that fact and let go of the prejudice about the other person it can enable yourself to truly have a deep understanding in their opinions as they are your co-workers.

2. Have respect for diversities within each individuality
To be at different ages can also refers to being in different social norms, environment, ways of living and experiences. And that causes how people operate and make decisions at work. To have respect each person’s boundaries is so far one of the most essential things in teamworking.

3. Adaptation and development
Conflict from working in a team is probably something that cannot be avoided. From various opinions among workers. But, due to that fact we do not always have to interpret it as a negative thing. Because there are both sides to every single trait in different generations gaps which we can embrace the positive things from each and apply it to numerous work methods. Therefore, the work efficiency can be at it’s finest.

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