Most popular recruitment channels for middle to high management employees in Thailand

Compared to just a generation ago, there are several new ways for both employers and job-seekers to connect. In the past, most companies used classified advertisement sections in the newspaper to reach large audiences. Today there are much more popular methods of finding talent. Criterion’s latest survey reveals the top four channels employers use presently.

Number 4: Social Media
The most direct form of online communication is through social media – a key innovation of the digital era. Recruiters turn to use Facebook and LinkedIn as a tool for finding prospective staff. LinkedIn, in particular, was first established to serve businesspeople, helping them connect with others and find career opportunities. For job seekers, LinkedIn is a great way for professionals to update their profiles and use them as a form of online CV. Just as with a real CV, LinkedIn invites users to list their experience, education, skills and accomplishments. Facebook is another effective channel for posting personal status updates, selling goods, and advertising jobs. Criterion Asia Recruitment also uses its Facebook page as a hub for plenty of interesting jobs.

Number 3: Referral from Existing Staff
Internal references are another powerful tool for finding the right staff. This approach works best when you want to hire suitable candidates for a certain role, as the existing staff know the candidates’ qualifications and working styles, and can determine whether they match what companies expect. When a company needs a person to fill in a vacant position, the current staff can recommend the right candidates to have an interview. In spite of the benefits, there is a danger of over-reliance on this approach, as it can leave an organization closed to other kinds of talent which may have very different backgrounds than its existing staff.

Number 2: Recruitment Website
Many recruitment websites continue to be used for advertising job vacancies. Depending on the target group, some recruitment organizations may work better than others in a given industry. Our website, for example, has a job board section on which job seekers can browse the positions they are looking for. Most of the job advertisements focus on middle to high management and are based on six main disciplines: IT, finance, sales & marketing, human resources, engineering, and logistics.

Number 1: Recruitment Agency
The majority of the respondents surveyed use a recruitment agency to identify top talent for their companies. Searching for qualified upper-level management candidates is a difficult task for an employer to attempt by itself, as this category of talent generally doesn’t seek employment through social media, and doesn’t directly apply for jobs in response to mass advertisements.

Recruitment agencies have a bank of qualified candidates to be selected, making the complicated employment process easier by screening the right candidates for you. Furthermore, an effective recruitment agency assists both the employer and the candidate to agree on a satisfactory salary, by studying their situation carefully before negotiations begin. Recruitment agencies have systematic screening and interview steps which ensure quality, before proceeding with the step of inviting candidates to interview with their clients.

Whichever method you choose, the benefits of each recruitment channel are significant. At Criterion Asia Recruitment, we integrate all of the above methods to find the right candidates – including Facebook, LinkedIn, website job boards, and headhunting, to meet clients’ expectations. With these combined advantages, it is no wonder that leading companies in Asia trust us to deliver the best talent for their team.