5 steps to a Perfect CV Photo

The norms for having photos on your CV differ widely from country to country. In Thailand, the candidate photo is one of the first impression for the hiring to see how well you are prepared.

Consultants at Criterion Asia shares that almost 50% of CV applications they received contains photographs such as selfie, wedding photo, bad posture, unprofessional head shot with crowded background are all inappropriate for your professional CV.

Here, we have 5 easy steps to an appropriate CV photo for you!

1. Dress properly
Wear neutral colored clothing, nothing flashy, and no patterns. In this case a plain shirt is best.

2. Find a place with plenty of natural light 
The best light is in the early morning or just before sunset. The light will brighten your face and reduce shadows.

3.  Find a solid and smooth background 
Recommended plain white, gray, or blue background to make the photo looks formal and make yourself stand out.

4.  Find a friend to take the picture for you 

No selfies! Get a friend to take a portrait photo (above the chest). The camera should be held at the same height as your eyes and from at least one meter away. A relaxed smile is fine and shows your good nature.

5.  Review the photo clarity and select the best one 

Now you’re prepared to make your best impression!