4 CV tips to win your next senior level position

Your days of entry level roles and lower management positions are behind you. Now you’re focused on landing a senior level position. But how can you achieve that? The first step is adjusting your CV to highlight your value. After placing candidates in hundreds of roles around Bangkok and Thailand, we’ve come to learn the CV features that senior level managers are looking for. Here are our top suggestions.

1. Craft a compelling executive summary
While an executive summary isn’t necessary for entry level positions, they’re a must for senior level or executive roles. Typically located at the top of your CV, an executive summary is your chance to highlight your career accomplishments and unique qualifications. What should you include? Your summary should answer the questions, “Why should a company hire me? What’s in it for them?” In other words, emphasize the value you offer, and you’ll have a stronger chance of winning the position.

2. Lose your early career history
Hiring managers for senior level roles don’t expect your CV to include every career detail. They don’t care you worked as a secretary or marketing intern 15 years ago; they know you’ve put in the entry-level work. Instead, hiring managers want to see relevant skills that that apply to the role. Does that mean you should never include early career positions? Not always. If you achieved outstanding results and the role is relevant to the one you’re applying, then it may be worth including.

3. Add numbers and be specific about your accomplishments
The more specific you can be about your accomplishments and results, the better. Specificity is what separates you from other candidates. It’s what makes you unique and can highlight your achievements. For example, instead of writing you “acquired new clients” on your CV, describe a specific, notable incident where you fulfilled that objective. For example, maybe you “Grew the company’s client base 173% in 2012 and brought in 900,000 baht in additional revenue for the company.” Any time you can add numbers and showcase results like above, you’ll stand out among the candidates who write generic accomplishments.

4. Get a second set of eyes on your CV
Your CV is integral to getting hired. It can help you land a lucrative or rewarding senior level position that can pay dividends for decades to come. That’s why we recommend thinking of your CV as an investment. If at all possible, we suggest hiring a professional to review your CV before submission. However, if that’s not in your budget, consider asking a colleague or mentor to review it. The outsider perspective can help you gain objectivity and discover qualifications you may have overlooked.

By following these 4 CV tips, you’ll craft a distinct image of yourself and sell the skills that catch recruiters’ eyes. If you’re looking for your next senior level position in Thailand, get in touch with Criterion today. Our consultants can match you with the perfect company to help you reach your next career milestone.