“You got the job” How to prepare for an interview and hear these 4 magical words

You finally landed the coveted interview. You’re excited. You can imagine yourself starting the new job in a week. You can feel the admiration of your friends and family as you gush about your new position. But, remember. An interview is not a surefire ticket to your next big career move. To ensure you’re offered the job, you first need to impress the hiring manager.

So what can you do to stack the deck in your favor? Here are 4 interview preparation tips that can lead to those four magical words: “You got the job.”

1. Research the company before your interview
It sounds like an obvious thing to do, but you’d be surprised how many applicants skip this step. Taking the extra time to research the company shows your interest in the position and organization, and separates you from the competition. How do you go about the research?

At Criterion, we recommend reviewing the company’s website thoroughly, giving special attention to the “About” page. Also read articles about the organization in industry magazines or online publications, and check out company reviews on sites like Glassdoor. Once you have an understanding of the company, think about how your skills match the job requirements. Before your interview, write down on a piece of paper (or type in a document) your top 5 skills that will meet and exceed the potential employer’s needs. Then brainstorm stories from your past work experience that demonstrates how your skills will provide value to the new employer.

2. Practice interviewing with a friend beforehand
If you tend to get nervous during interviews, then practicing will help calm your nerves when you’re in the hot seat. Have a friend or family member conduct a mock interview with you, and ask you a series of both common and unexpected interview questions. By asking a mix of both, you’ll feel more comfortable thinking on your feet during the actual interview.

3. Dress in business attire and come properly groomed
You’d be mistaken to think your choice of interview outfit no longer matters. All over the world, it’s still critical to come well dressed and well groomed to an interview. And in Thailand, how you look is just as important, if not more important. Here, hiring managers pay special attention to your appearance, arguably more so than in other countries. So come dressed in business attire, comb your hair, and (if you’re a man) remember to shave.

4. Double-check your interview location
Punctuality is important. Showing up on time for an interview suggests you’ll show up on time during the workweek. We highly recommend getting directions before you leave. Sure, Google maps or another app can be used once you step into your car, or onto the BTS or bus. But sometimes these direction applications provide inaccurate information. We recommend double-checking the interview location the day before or morning before your interview.

As you can see, preparation is the key to a smooth, successful interview. By following these four tips above, you’ll have a much better chance of winning over the hiring manager and ultimately landing the job. Ready to make your next big career move? Explore our job board or send us your CV today.