“We combine the power of psychometrics with predictive algorithms to drive smart employment choices.”

Why is personality test important?

We define the typical soft-skill profile of a given position, team, business unit or even company, and then allow professionals to promptly determine the individuals whose soft-skills match those of the established profile, hence helping them to predict how a candidate would fit their organizational culture.

There are 2 types of report :

  1. For individual
    An innovative tool that will help you understand and leverage your soft skills. By better understanding yourself, you will be able to identify your unique potential, how you can differentiate yourself and where you best fit within organizations and teams.
  1. For business
    Business solution that helps teams achieve a streamlined, more accurate hiring and talent management process through data-driven features and reports.

The concept

Personality refers to the attitudes and emotional characteristics underlying stable behaviors. This section provides a profile (across 13 dimensions) of an individual’s personality, together with exhaustive interpretations about their different tendencies, and tips on how to react to them adequately.

Motivations correspond to the desires and needs triggering, orienting, and maintaining specific behaviors towards a given objective. This section provides a ranking (across 11 dimensions) of an individual’s motivations, together with detailed clarifications about their expectations, and concrete examples of potential motivators and demotivators.

Behaviors represent the ranges of observable actions made by individuals in conjunction with their environment. This section provides a list (across 11 themes) of the behavioral styles exhibited by an individual, together with precise explanations about their conducts, and questions regarding the difficulties that might be encountered.