Will a candidate fit your culture? Why the answer is important

In Bangkok, more and more companies are outfitting their offices with ping pong tables, nap rooms and lavish furniture to attract top talent. While some people consider these office amenities a sign of a strong workplace culture, this isn’t always the case. Many employees will quickly leave a position for a higher salary and better benefits, regardless of cool offices. Retention is more often achieved when you hire employees who do one thing: care. If your staff believes in your company’s mission and find meaning in their roles, they’ll be less tempted by other opportunities.

Why culture is important, by the numbers
A study by Harvard Business Review revealed just how important culture is to a company. According to the study, companies with a poor culture are 18% less productive and 16% less profitable. What’s more, dysfunctional company cultures reported 60% more errors and 49% more accidents. As you can see, culture is key to a profitable, growing business.

How to know if a candidate fits your culture
While a candidate’s technical skills are undoubtedly important, we recommend considering an applicant’s “cultural fit” with equal weight. Here’s three ideas to help you know if a candidate will assimilate your culture, starting with this critical step.

1. Define your company values
If you don’t know your core values, it will be impossible to hire for “cultural fit.” So start by defining your values before your interviews. Do you want employees to always be learning and developing themselves? Then consider “Learn and develop always” as one of your core values. Do you want employees to act with integrity and ethics? Then another value could be “Treat everyone with respect.” By defining your core values, you’ll know key qualities to look for in potential hires.

2. Brainstorm questions that reveal character
Knowing your core values is the first step. But once you’ve defined them, how can you ensure candidates embody them? The answer is to ask questions that reveal their true character. Here are a few examples below.

Core value: Always be learning and growing
Questions: What goals have you set this year? Have your goals changed from last year? If so, how?
Explanation: Candidates who set yearly goals are focused on learning and developing themselves. If they have personal goals, they’ll almost certainly have goals when employed at your company.

Core value: Act with integrity
Questions: What role models have had the most influence on your life? Why? Share a story about a time when you stood up for a cause you believe in.
Explanation: Candidates with integrity will likely have role models and many stories to share about times they’ve stood up for a cause. What’s more, these questions will shine a spotlight on a candidate’s personal values, so you can see if they match with your company’s.

3. Encourage employees who embody your culture to refer candidates
Perhaps the easiest way to hire for culture is to simply ask the employees who live your company values to refer applicants. These employees already understand the qualities and talents needed to succeed at your company. As they’re already committed to your organization, they’re likely to only send you candidates they can vouch for.

These three strategies are sure to help you hire an applicant fit for your culture. To learn how else you can find the perfect candidate in Thailand, contact the recruitment experts at Criterion now. We aim to not only find applicants with outstanding qualifications, but those who can live your core values, commit to your organization and thrive in your workplace. Contact us today.