Why do employers struggle to fill some managerial positions?

Recruiting qualified new employees is a challenging task for many organizations. We’ve heard a lot of companies that spend almost a year finding a suitable candidate. Even after interviewing a long list of applicants, it may seem that they are not the right match for a job vacancy. The higher the position is, the harder a successful hiring process will be.

Criterion’s latest survey reveals 4 positions in particular that respondents agree are challenging to fill.

Information Technology
Information Technology (IT) generally involves developing innovative technology and operating advanced software to improve communication and data processing. Nowadays, IT specialists often need to also demonstrate the ability to develop and utilize cloud computing, mobile applications, social media and blockchain. Ideal candidates for this industry have to be comfortable with emerging innovation, while keeping their eyes on the global digital movement. Not only do IT experts master computer skills, they are also required to have in-depth knowledge of the type of business you are working within, such as banking, hospitality, manufacturing or healthcare.

Marketing and Promotion
Marketing personnel are always in demand. They make up one of the most crucial areas in the company, as their role is to plan sales strategies for business success. A company’s revenue stems from marketing and promotion campaigns. Employers generally search for someone who can think and plan strategically about marketing activities, providing return on investment for the company’s marketing campaign, and sticking to a sensible budget. It is best to hire new senior marketing executives or managers in the same industry, to save training time. Finding high quality employees in this field, without the help of recruitment specialists, can be difficult indeed.

Operations management includes the design, implementation, and control of production. People often confuse operations management with production itself, although the operations team comes ahead of production or manufacturing. Any new manager must demonstrate sufficient know-how to ensure that processes are completed efficiently and seamlessly. An operations manager must oversee the end-to-end process, from planning the way business manages resources in production, to controlling costs and supervising the efficiency of the workforce.

Research and Development
The objective of R&D activities is to develop and improve products and services. What makes this job difficult is the fact that the research process must be systematic. The R&D team must be careful to plan, design the right methods and test the results of their efforts. In Thailand, rarely do we see Research and Development majors at university. Most of the people who work in this area are instead graduates of related fields – for example, science, business administration and marketing. Therefore, those who work in this industry often learn on the actual job through experience.

Prospective candidates can improve their technical skills in their area by participating in training or skills seminars. For any company seeking to hire a new and efficient employee, the Criterion survey underscores the truth that finding the right candidate in higher managerial positions can be a time – consuming process. The most effective workaround involves outsourcing a competent recruitment agency which can assist you in screening applicants with the right qualifications, and nominating a select group of candidates suitable for your business.