Are You Nervous During Job Interviews? Here are 6 Tips to Put You at Your Calm, Relaxed Best

Nervous During Job Interviews

What should I wear? What should I talk about? How do I make them like me? No, going to a job interview isn’t the same as going on a date. But some types of anxiety are common to both situations. And in both circumstances, the best solution is a mixture of confidence, honesty, and simply being your good-natured self. The only problem is, sometimes your own worries and self-doubt can threaten to derail your entire presentation.

With that in mind, let’s look at 6 ways you can take control of yourself and actually enjoy the experience of a job interview:

1. Do your research. Review the company’s information as much as you can, and also look at your own CV to keep in mind your own work history, as well as the questions they are likely to ask you in the interview.

2. Practice with a friend. Having a job interview is a bit like going onstage, and you wouldn’t do that without some rehearsals. Ask a friend to role-play the interviewer a few times, and have them ask you harder and trickier questions each time. When you’re feeling comfortable with your responses, try doing the same role-play while you are dressed for business.

3. Prepare everything in advance. Pick out your clothes, and practice going to the interview location, well before the day arrives. You’ll have enough on your mind when it’s time for the interview without additional stresses about clothes, transportation issues, and getting lost on the way.

4. Arrive early and wait nearby. For some people, it may be better to arrive much too early, so that your nerves have plenty of time to calm down and you become almost bored by waiting. Just bring some nice music to help you relax as your appointment gets closer, or do some exercises to get rid of the extra energy – but don’t pass the time by drinking coffee!

5. Bring a friend along. Having a friend wait outside can give you some extra emotional support while you’re in the interview. With the right person to help you through it, the experience can feel more like an adventure to be enjoyed rather than a judgment to be feared. Speaking of which …

6. Don’t forget to have fun. You’ll leave a better impression if you remain comfortable, somewhat talkative, and in good humor during the interview. At the end of the day, when the HR person thinks back about which interviewee made the best impression, they might just remember the charming person more easily than the boring one, even if the boring one had better answers. After all, the interviewer will be choosing a future colleague, and they’ll want to select someone who is easy to get along with.

All job interviews are a type of salesmanship, where you and your skills are the product being advertised. With these tips, you’ll be able to cool down, relax, and show off the very best version of yourself. We can’t promise you’ll be offered the job every time, but you’re much more likely to enjoy the experience – and get off on the right foot with your new employer, too.