An Expat’s Guide to work in Thailand

Searching for the right job in Thailand can be tough if you’re not familiar with the country’s employment laws, are unfamiliar with the Thai language or are not certain of what sort of position you want to pursue. 

To work in Thailand legally, all foreigners require a work permit sponsor from the hiring company and a valid non-immigrant visa. 

There are a few ways to go about looking for a job in Thailand. If you have previous experience working abroad, our recruitment consultants at Criterion Asia Recruitment suggest you can explore your options to find your ideal job in Thailand by doing the following: 

1. Job search site/ company job board / social media
Start to search through job search sites in Thailand, company job boards and social media platforms like LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a popular channel for professional employment opportunities in Thailand and to be sure, many job positions are waiting for you! 

2. Referral / Expat community 
Asking your friends or joining in the expat community will help you understand more about job opportunity and work life in Thailand. Within the community, they always share the experience and hiring a vacancy position. It is highly recommended to join your national Chamber of Commerce in Thailand. 

3. Recruitment agency
There are top recruitment agencies in Bangkok such as Criterion Asia Recruitment. You can contact them or go through their website and search on their job boards. Update your CV and send it directly to them.

A recent survey of Criterion Asia Recruitment consultants revealed that 80% of foreign workers got a job offer mostly or exclusively by working with a top recruitment agency because they are specialist in recruiting and understand the operating and legal environment in Thailand. 

Your future starts here. Ready to pursue a move to Thailand? Submit your up-to-date profile with us today and let us get to work for you!