Working with a recruitment firm? Here’s how HR can win a new candidate in under a month

Finding new talent can be challenging. And working with a recruitment agency doesn’t always seem to make the process any easier – a search for a new employee can still drag on for months. Is there any way to win a candidate fast? You may question if it’s even possible. But let us assure you it is.

In our experience working with hundreds of companies in Thailand, we’ve delivered many candidates in less than a month. How do we accomplish that? Much of it depends on the working relationship between the HR department and recruitment agency.

2 ways HR departments can work effectively with a recruitment agency. Securing a candidate under a month is not an impossible dream. Here are two strategies HR can implement to make it a reality.

1. Communicate with both the recruitment firm and hiring line manager – Recruitment firms rely on the hiring line manager’s feedback to move through each step of the hiring process. Communication is key. When communication isn’t happening, a bottleneck forms and the hiring process grinds to a halt.

2. Be proactive in your communication efforts – Once the communication lines are open between HR, the hiring line manager and the recruitment firm, then it’s time to act. Proactive HR departments that provide same-day candidate feedback and relay information quickly between the recruitment firm and hiring line manager will make rapid progress.

Why speed matters in the recruitment world
Imagine your recruitment agency has found the perfect candidate. The applicant is excited, eager to learn about your company and ready to start the job immediately. In this scenario, what happens if the recruitment process moves slowly?

We’ve seen this situation far too many times. When the recruitment process is slow; when candidate feedback takes week; when communication stalls between HR, the hiring line manager and recruitment agency, your dream candidate loses interest. Or worse yet, he or she takes another offer with a company that’s eager to attain his or her talents. Everyone misses out. This is why speed is integral to finding and hiring your dream candidate.

The value of an effective HR department
HR plays a critical role in any organization. And when it comes to understanding this department’s value in terms of recruiting and retaining top talent, you only need to look to Nestle Thailand—a company with one of the finest HR teams. Nestle has an outstanding HR department with an efficient working process, and it pays off in their ability to attract and retain the right people. Nestle has little turnover, as well as some of the best talent of any company in Thailand, and their HR department is a key reason for this.

If you’ve been searching for an effective recruitment firm, search no more. At Criterion, we help guide your HR team efficiently through the hiring process. Follow our lead, and we can help you land a new candidate in less than a month.