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Baptiste Rozotte

Managing Director

Baptiste joined Criterion Asia as Managing Director. He has spent over 15 years working in the recruitment industry both Europe and Asia.

He manages full operations and is responsible for the company’s P&L. He started his career as an HR Project Manager in Paris for Credit Agricole Groupe, one of the largest banks in Europe where he works on compliance, corporate diversity and inclusion strategy. He has lived in Thailand for more than 10 years where he has succeeded in the leading recruitment team in Manufacturing, Engineering, and Agriculture.

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University
Master’s degree, International Economics, Université Panthéon Assas (Paris II)
Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration, Université Panthéon Assas (Paris II)



We have experience in recruiting for Farmers to fork Chain

Farm Production Stage

  • Growing crops and raising livestock
    Livestock Recruitment for: Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Goose, Pig, Goat, Ox, Cow, Cattle, Horse, Sheep, Donkey, Llama, Deer, Zebu, Ostrich,
    Large Animals: Giraffe, Elephant, Ostrich, Camels.
    Companion Animal: Dogs, Cats
    Livestock Machinery: We recruit for Livestock machinery; these machines are helpful for farmers in many ways. Such as feeding the animals, climate control (ventilation), With the use of animal feed machine, their manual work of farmers is reduced to great extent.
    Livestock Feed: We recruit for livestock feed, formulation technology & nutrition for animals.
    Agriculture Machinery: such as Tractors, Equipment, Applications & Software
  • Seeds, fertilizers, pesticides
    Seeds and pesticides, farmers have been able to produce bigger crops on less land, Increasing crop productivity by between 20 and 50 percent. In addition, pesticides allow farmers to maximize the benefits of other valuable agricultural tools, such as high-quality seeds, fertilizers, and water resources.
  • Organic Farming
    Organic farming is an agricultural method that aims to produce food using natural substances and processes farm production, food Ingredients, natural ingredients, Stevia.
  • Fish Production
    In addition to the food that is grown or reared on farms, fish and other aquatic organisms are caught at sea or produced in aquafarms. We recruit for organic fish farming, shrimp farming in Thailand and Asia, Aquaculture feed, shrimp feed, fish feed.

Processing Stage

  • Dairies and slaughterhouses
    Slaughterhouses produce high-strength wastewater, mainly constituted of biodegradable organic carbon, fats, and proteins, characterized by the presence of high concentrations of animal blood, skinning residuals, and wash-water from cleaning of animal carcasses and ambient.
  • Manufacture of food products and beverages
    Criterion Asia Recruitment work with various F&B companies such as bakery, confectionery breads, cakes, biscuits, pastas and noodles, nuggets, frozen shrimp, frozen chicken, meat, ready to eat food, sausages, soft drinks, juices, coconut water, organic drinks.

Food cutting and Processing

Food processing is the transformation of agricultural products into food, or of one form of food into other forms. Food processing includes many forms of processing foods, such as

  • Grinding grain
  • Slicing & cutting
  • Mixing, frying
  • Pressure canning
  • Freeze drying

Food Packaging
Food packaging is packaging for food. A package provides protection, tampering resistance, and special physical, chemical, or biological needs. We are specialized in food recruitment for food packaging;

Distribution Stage

  • Wholesalers, retailers and service providers in food and beverage
  • Retailing of food and beverages, and restaurants, bars, cafes, and catering services


The chain from ‘farm to fork’ relies on transport to get raw agricultural output and food from producers to consumers. The length of that journey and the modal network that the food takes can vary considerably; among many other factors, it depends on the perishable nature of the goods and the requirements to keep it fresh and in good quality. For example, some agricultural and food products will need to be kept frozen, others chilled or in a controlled atmosphere, whilst others will be transported dry or in air-conditioned storage. Also, Criterion Asia is specialized in Cold chain Logistics.

Some of the positions that we have placed

  • Regulatory Affairs Manager – Animal Health  
  • Commercial Director – Aquaculture
  • Marketing Manager – Food Ingredients
  • Key Account Manager – Poultry
  • Poultry Director
  • Regional Sales Director – Aquaculture
  • Crop Manager
  • Regional Managing Director
  • R&D Director – Feed formulation
  • R&D Manager – Beverages
  • Swine Nutritionist
  • Regional Vice President – Food manufacturing
  • Crop Breeder
  • Hatchery Manager – Shrimp
  • Business Development, Commercial
  • Shrimp Nutritionist.

How can we help your business

  • We have strong pool of candidates.
  • We meet every candidate face to face.
  • We get various qualified candidates from referral.
  • We have ability to headhunt.
  • We are able send shortlist in 10 working days.
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