Does your recruitment agency know your industry? Why the answer is crucial

You want the perfect candidate for your senior level position: a new employee with experience, knowledge and motivation, who will create impact in your organization. You know the qualities this candidate should possess, but does your recruiter?

Trusting a Thailand recruitment firm that lacks knowledge of your industry is like trusting a novice with your company’s future. It’s like asking a software designer to manage a football team, or an accountant to teach physics. Experience counts. That’s why a recruitment firm with a background in your industry has a much higher chance of securing you the perfect candidate. Here’s 6 ways they do just that.

1. Speak your language
Imagine you’re searching for a marketing executive, and your recruiter has never heard the terms sales funnel, conversion rate or inbound marketing. The frustration quickly builds as you’re forced to explain marketing lingo and every minute detail of the job description. You could easily waste hours getting the recruiter up to speed. And afterwards, he or she could still provide you a poor selection of candidates. Recruiters with knowledge of your industry will avoid these pitfalls. They speak your language, understand the qualifications needed to succeed in your industry, and can help with the following key task.

2. Translate job descriptions
A recruitment firm that understands your industry will ensure that the job description attracts the right candidates. They’ll accurately describe the most important skills needed, use the correct industry language, and clearly define the small details integral to the job. What’s more, when they interact with a candidate, you can feel confident they’ll represent your company professionally.

3. Vet candidates
Once applicants start flooding in, a recruiter with knowledge of your industry can vet candidates quickly. If the recruiter has worked in your industry, he or she knows the qualifications needed to succeed and can identify an applicant’s experience level from their CV and personal interactions with the candidate.

4. Make the sale
Recruitment isn’t solely about vetting candidates and matchmaking. Any recruiter or hiring manager knows the importance of selling a candidate on a role. The fact of the matter is, recruiters who understand your industry will articulate a more persuasive sales pitch to the candidate they’re head hunting from a competitor or relevant company. Why is this? It’s all about trust. When a recruiter can paint a clear picture of the role, responsibilities and speak the same language as the applicant, trust is established quickly and a candidate will have more confidence in your company.

5. Call on industry connections
When recruiters come from your industry, they generally have a long list of connections they can rely on to source candidates. These can include former colleagues, mentors, and business partners who may know the perfect applicant for your role.

6. Provide advice
An added bonus of a recruiter from your industry is they can provide free consulting. With a deep understanding of industry trends and knowledge of your competitors, they can provide advice about details to include in your job description, the type of qualifications that will prove to be valuable, and a role’s median salary.

Now that you can see why it’s important to choose a Bangkok recruitment firm that understands your industry, why not take advantage? 60% of consultants from Criterion have previous experience in the very same fields they are recruiting for. This means you get all the benefits mentioned above, plus a trusted consultant who can advise you on your recruiting efforts. Contact us today to find the perfect candidate for your company.